Life on the Drawing Board

Life on the Drawing Board Book Cover

“Create your life through inner activation and outer manifestation…”

With tremendous advances in technology and communication, human evolution is accelerating.   We now have the opportunity and the resources available to us to truly live our full creative potential and purpose.

Are you ready to find a career that is fulfilling and uses your unique gifts and talents?  Actualize the projects you have been visioning?  Start a new business?  Write that book?  Finish that screenplay?  Learn a new craft?  Launch a web series?  Find an agent?  A new partner?  Have a family?  Go back to school?  Deepen your spiritual practice?  Loose weight or change your job?  Truly live out your highest and best potential.

“Life On the Drawing Board” is a unique life management and coaching system that I designed after 7 years of meditation practice and study in a course called “Nature of the Soul” with teacher Georgia Lambert.  While the coaching modality is primarily aimed at arts and entertainment professionals, anyone can benefit from the work accomplished by utilizing this process.

“Life On the Drawing Board” consists of  a CD recording of a powerful meditation practice designed to access deep levels of creativity and imagination, and a workbook that facilitates deep self examination and reflection upon inner passions, desires and purpose.  Along with an excercise that helps you create a bio that evolves from your own life “story,” this deep inner work coupled with practical manifestation techniques of those desires through a goal setting practice based on the four-fold Self — the physical, emotional, mental and transcendant, has proven results in achieving enhanced self-actualization and life fulfillment. Learn how to activate your “genius” — and your greatest creative capacity so that your daily habits, work, and even your play and leisure time are all meaningful and in alignment with your highest purpose here on Earth.

GENIUS – Origin of the word

In ancient Rome, the genius (plural genii) was the guiding spirit or tutelary deity of a person, family (gens), or place (genius loci).  The noun is related to the Latin verb gigno, genui, genitus, “to bring into being, create, produce.” Because the achievements of exceptional individuals seemed to indicate the presence of a particularly powerful genius, by the time of Augustus the word began to acquire its secondary meaning of “inspiration, talent.”

The workbook uses tools and concepts inspired from perennial philosophies and the ancient wisdom teachings and applies them to 21st century modern living as tools for actualizing a more creative and fulfilling life.

If you are interested in jumpstarting your creative career, tapping into your deepest Self and activating your own inner “genius,” I am now accepting clients on a limited basis who are serious about truly moving into more authentic life work and I can aid you in this process.  I work one on one with individuals on an hourly or monthly fee basis.   If you can bring a group of 8 together I will provide a day long “Life On the Drawing Board Workshop.”  I am also willing to work with clients who are challenged financially.

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