Visual Music

Synchrodestiny brought both ELECTRIC AQUARIUM and METASPHERE: THE ALTERED STATE OF HEART into existence.  Meeting entreprenuer Ed Lantz, and a whole tribe of amazing artists and musicians during the launch out of the Harmony Channel transformed my career and added yet another form of expressive arts to my list of “life’s passions…”  Ed’s dream of creating an innovative visuals-and-music-drivenHarmony Channel  brought about in me, and many of my co-creator friends and associates, the passion and desire to create this beautiful emerging artform.  Artist and photographer John Wadsworth also supports this work through Floating Worlds.
The arena of “Visual Music,” film as art, or visuals and music driven non-narrative content is a genre that can be defined by a vast myriad of styles and interpretations. ELECTRIC AQUARIUM uses nature as art combined with a very original score of ambient music to create a moody mythic experience of beauty found in life beneath the sea, where METASPHERE: THE ALTERED STATE OF HEART is called by its creator, an ANIMEDITATION. METASPHERE is a digitally designed interpretive journey into the inner world of etheric energetics, the chakras and sacred geometry and it represents a 21st century techno-logi expression of the ancient wisdom.
To learn more please visit the The Center for Visual Music for history and research resources about this genre.

Artists’ Statements:

  • “I was at the aquarium observing the jellies… marveling, transfixed and…suddenly I realized that there was nothing on my mind! Time had stood still! I had become one with the Universe…Of course, at that very realization, I came back to the analytical thought process that so defines our reality. Here they are, as I saw them that day when I ‘lost my mind.’ I hope that these images will transport you to your own place of Oneness…”
    -VV Hsu, Visual Artist
  •  “Electric Aquarium presents the simple, yet complex beauty of raw nature. Enhancing the mood with minimalist musical soundscapes, while listening for the ‘space between the notes’ proved to be a very reflective and meditative journey for me in and of itself. Many thanks to the whole team for making this such a peaceful and collaborative work of art…”
    -Wayne O’Brien, Composer
  • “‘Sea Jellies’, or ‘Jellyfish’ as they are sometimes called, are elegant models of simplicity. Adult jellies are almost nothing but 95% water. Their bell-shaped bodies contain just a mouth at their center, a ring of oral arms surrounding the mouth and a ring of tentacles along the edge of their bodies. Sea Jellies are truly living works of art and we hope the simplicity of their beauty inspires with you a sense of wonder and peace.”
    -Kate McCallum, Producer & Vocals


“Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to see Electric Aquarium: An Ambient Visual Music Journey.  It is a wonderful piece of art and a stimulating voyage for the human spirit. VV Hsu’s unique brand of filmmaking offers a hypnotic, never before seen look at one of the world’s most ancient and misunderstood creatures, the sea jelly.  Time literally stands still when watching this film as the images and music transport you to a place buried deep within the recesses of the mind.  The music and vocals by composer Wayne O’Brien and producer/vocalist Kate McCallum are inspirational, moving, and hauntingly bewitching.  As a working film producer and writer, I have personally experienced the mystical healing properties of this film. Creativity often comes in short bursts and like most writers, I spend most of my time suffering from writer’s block.  However, while listening to Electric Aquarium during one of my recent writing sessions, I experienced a profound sense of focus and serenity that literally transformed my thoughts and freed my emotions, resulting in thirty original and dramatic pages of screenwriting. I now listen to Electric Aquarium each time I write. It is with great thanks that I recommend this film to everyone seeking deep introspection, quiescence, and spiritual enlightenment.”  — Jonathan Amaret/Producer ERUTAN PRODUCTIONS LLC