Kate McCallum spent 20 years at Universal Studios and Paramount Studios working alongside the creators and writers of classic American television dramatic series as; MIAMI VICE, EQUALIZER, CRIME STORY, THE MARSHAL and LAW & ORDER.  She also optioned a life rights story which was made into an NBC TV MOW called WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU?  This gave Kate very good grounding in storytelling, intellectual property development and the art and craft of producing and selling broadcast television.  Her work in development as VP of Creative for Western Sandblast for 8 years gave her insights and skills at creating and selling series and long form television.

Bridge Arts Media has a variety of non-fiction and fiction television projects available upon request.  BAM provided development services for these two specific projects:

MERLIN & ME:  Marvin Smith is a smart-mouthed ‘‘tween’ in serious need of a ‘tude adjustment. He doesn’t believe in fairy tales (or much of anything else), until he comes face-to-face with the grandfather he never knew he had… Merlin… The Merlin, of King Arthur and Camelot fame! Marvin’s got a little something in common with the old guy. Magic has skipped a generation and Marvin’s just a chip off the ol’ crystal ball. Anything can happen (and usually does), when Marvin becomes a very reluctant sorcerer’s apprentice. Going through puberty with the power to turn the entire population of Detroit into hamsters is a hilariously explosive proposition. Marvin finds out, along the way, that learning to be a good Wizard and learning to be a good kid often go hand in hand.

Rich material with thematic ideas that can be enjoyed on multiple levels by readers both young and old, Merlin & Me is the first in a series of Middle Grade fiction fantasy books as well a concept for a TV series. Its magical world empowers imaginations and offers an entertaining context for exploring the challenges and strife of middle school while subtly incorporating concepts about the importance of preserving nature.

The book has been published in partnership with Unlimited Publishing and was released in 2010.

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Sacred Places

13 x 60 television series
based on the books


Brad Olsen has traveled to more significant, spiritual sites around the world than virtually anyone alive. His experience and expertise are reflected in his books SACRED PLACES, NORTH AMERICA: 108 DESTINATIONS and SACRED PLACES AROUND THE WORLD: 108 DESTINATIONS.

This non-fiction series features Olsen, a charismatic veteran of TV appearances on travel, and author of six books, as he explores exotic and visually compelling locations and interviews experts on history, archaeology, spirituality, sociology and other topics related to the most mystical and marvelous places on the planet. His observations will be aided by his exceptional visual sense, which features not only his colorful travel writing but his own maps and photographs, highlighted in his SACRED PLACES books.

BAM provided development and consulting services to package this as a series concept.