Future Trends Resources

Times they are a changing…

Keeping up to date on the latest in emerging trends in the global digital and technology landscape is essential for arts and media professionals.

Kate’s latest accomplishment is the publication of a new resource book on immersive media. Together with Jacki Morie, Kate co-authored and edited the Handbook of Research on the Roles and Global Impact of Immersive Media which was released in February 2020 by IGI Global Publishing.  The book features 22 chapters contributed by thought-leaders, expert professionals and academics in the immersive space.

Find Kate’s current updates on futures trends in the arts, media and storytelling on her content page FutureVision on Facebook. This collection of posts provides ongoing updates of the latest in storytelling, emerging trends in the arts and new entertainment technologies.

As a Senior Fellow with SNCR:  Society for New Communications Research and as Chair of the Global Arts and Media Node for The Millennium Project, Kate McCallum and her colleagues track trends in the arts, media and entertainment, and report on them to The Millennium Project constituency.

Kate co-created and curated articles and submissions for Createasphere’s TransMedia Coalition and served as their Managing Editor.  You’ll find excellent articles there on transmedia storytelling and new innovations in narrative storytelling.

If you have updates or insights on additional emerging trends you wish to share please feel free to contact us with information and or links at kate@bridgeartsmedia.com.