Founded by Producer, Writer, and Transmedia Consultant, Kate McCallum, Bridge Arts Media, LLC is a Los Angeles-based 360 transmedia arts, entertainment and media production, and consulting company dedicated to developing, creating, and producing innovative properties specifically designed for transmedia and cross-venue platform development and application.

Bridge Arts Media, LLC specializes in new media, music and audio content, visual music content, books and print media, emerging art forms, and traditional—documentary, fiction and non-fiction TV, and feature film properties that inform and inspire.

New to our offerings are specially designed events, and the development and production of multi-media content for the exciting new venue of dome theaters and planetariums.  Bridge Arts Media, LLC has formed a strategic alliance with Spherical Media, Inc. and Vortex Immersion Media to co-create 360 immersive fulldome content.

Bridge Arts Media, LLC specializes in finding new ways for IP owners and businesses to create, finance and distribute stories that engage with audiences across multiple platforms.  The company is renowned for producing an annual STATE OF THE ARTS event held in association with c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and The Millennium Project, a global futurist think thank.  The STATE OF THE ARTS examines the latest trends and innovations in storytelling, emerging media technologies and socially beneficial arts and content creation


Bridge Arts Media, LLC develops and produces content which explores the power of innovation, creativity and imagination, the strength of the human spirit, and the magic inherent in storytelling, the arts and mass communications.  All projects created under Bridge Arts Media, LLC uphold and honor the values and visions of the artists, writers and content creators who come together to express their unique talents, creativity and passion toward the expansion and transformation of human potential.

Bridge Arts LogoAbout the Bridge Arts Media, LLC Art Logo and design from an original print by artist Darryl Sapien…

Artists’ Statement:

“In the 1970’s I became interested in signs of all kinds, but especially those we consider the most commonplace.  Of course traffic signs fit easily into that category.  I was fascinated by how we scarcely question the iconography of the highway sign or the derivation of the non-verbal symbols used to communicate such information.

Consequently, I began to alter the imagery, at first just a small bit to see how much I could change the reading of the sign with just a little tweak, but later on I altered the sign drastically.  This piece falls into the latter category.  In these later pieces I tried to juxtapose mundane or routine interpretations with others of a more archetypal nature.  Much of my work over the decades is concerned with elevating the cliche to an archetype or, if you will, the transfiguration of the commonplace.”

Darryl Sapien, San Francisco, 2005