Fulldome 360

In October 2013 Kate produced and co-presented with Vortex Immersion Media a trilogy of 360 immersive concerts called ULTRA IMMERSION:  Deep, Deeper, Deepest with musician Steve Roach and fulldome immersive visual artist, Audri Phillips in The Vortex Dome at LA Center Studios.    

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In September 2012 Kate co-presented with Vortex Immersion Media BollyDoll 360 with musician and artist, Amrita Sen and composer, Anthony Marinelli.  She also produced and co-presented the World Premiere of THE BLUE APPLE, a 360 immersive ballet by director, choreographer, Stefan Wenta and fulldome immersive visual artist, Audri Phillips.

MIGRATIONS, our first collaboration, premiered on Sunday, November 6th at 7 p.m. in the Vortex Dome at Los Angeles Center Studios.

Rehearsing for MIGRATIONS SENSED.  Composers/musician No’a Winter Lazerus and HA!Man Francios le Roux on cello.  Visual Poetry by Audri Phillips.

Here is a condensed short fulldome video version of the MIGRATIONS piece:

MIGRATIONS: Video Short by Audri Phillips & Noa Winter Lazerus

This is a clip from the performance featuring composer No’a Winter Lazerus and Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara:

MIGRATIONS: Noa Winter Lazerus & Sonja Drakulich

All video footage was provided by Mark Tweedle with special thanks for the work.

MIGRATIONS: A 360 Visual Music Experience


Created for the dome theater by
Composer/Performers: No’a Winter Lazerus and HA!Man

In concert with Co-Creator: Visual Poet/Artist, Audri Phillips

This project was partially funded with a Kickstarter campaign:



“Migrations” is an original visual music experience.  This unique 360 project was co-created with artists from around the world and is produced by The Art of Sound and Vortex Immersion Media, with support from c3: Center for Conscious Creativity. “Migrations” is designed as a new immersive theatrical experience for the Vortex Immersive Dome Theaters which can be installed and/or toured as unique location performance venues.

Composers No’a Winter Lazerus and South African artist, Francois LeRoux (HA!Man), along with visionary visual artist Audri Phillips and four extraordinary guest artists; Sonja Drakulich, Benji Simmersbach, Octavius and Spencer Ludwig, will explore the nature and concept of migrations.

‘Migrations — from the remarkable epic journeys of birds and whales moving from one part of the Earth to another, to the micro-movements of genetics, DNA, atoms, and viruses. From the diasporas of whole peoples and cultures, with the shifting and sharing of ideas, philosophies, languages, and even the emotions of the human heart, to nature’s weather patterns, and the dance of planets, seeds and stars, these themes have inspired the “Migrations” immersive 360 experience.”    No’a Winter Lazerus

The show consists of two 40 minute long original visual music performances:




HA!Man (Migrations “Sensed”)
No’a Winter Lazerus
(Migrations “Suite In Four Movements”)
Audri Phillips
Visual Artist And 3D Animator

GUEST ARTISTS PERFORMING “Migrations: Suite In Four Movements” with No’a Winter Lazerus:

Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara
Benjii Simmersbach of The Durgas
Octavius – Music/Performance Artist
Spencer Ludwig – Trumpet Player/Member of Cabeza de Vaca Archestra


“Migrations” Live Visual/Music In The Vortex Immersive Dome – 2011

The visual music concert event ‘Migrations” was presented in Los Angeles on November 6th, 2011, with the uniquely engaged and expressed visions of three remarkable artists conceptualizing together in the one of a kind Vortex Immersive Dome Theater located at the LA Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles. “Migrations” is a fulldome artistic visual/sound experience that utilizes all of the remarkable possibilities that a special concert space such as the Vortex Dome Theater can offer with it’s 360 degree visual and audio experience for complete mind, body and soul engagement.

About the performance:

There are many types of “Migrations”  such as; the well known seasonal flights of birds from the north to the south, the movement of whales from Hawaii to the North Pole, or of buffalo moving across the open ranges of South Dakota.  There are also “Migrations” of genetics from the diverse human diaspora, DNA, cells, thoughts, feelings, even the motion that takes the human from physical incarnation to the dissolution of the body in death are forms of “Migration.” The “Migration” of Soul and Spirit encountered in moments of ecstasy or sacred reverence, grief or wonder. Forced “Migrations” of groups of people or of animals due to droughts, catostraphic events, climate changes or political issues.

The “Migrations” live performance will engage these many diverse topics and themes in an evolving, ongoing artistic experience that speaks profoundly  to the audience who becomes a part of the whole performance.  From occluded shadows to numinous clarity the artists and audience will share the exploration and ‘migrate” together in new understandings of the mysteries of the human experience.

About the Artists:

No’a Winter Lazerus – A composer/writer/record producer/multi-instrumentalist:

HA!Man (Francios le Rux)- Innovative Composers/mutli-instrumentalist/performance artist from South Africa:

Audri Phillips – Visual Poet/Video/Film/Painter/Artist :

About the Producers:

Kate McCallum – Executive Producer, Founder and CEO of The Art of Sound, c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and Bridge Arts Media, LLC, The Millennium Project’s Global Arts and Media Node Chair:

Ed Lantz – Executive Producer, CTO and President of Vortex Immersion Media:

Chris Sifton – Executive Producer, Founder of Oracle Projects Ltd., Director:   www.oracle-projects.com