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THE ART OF SOUND is more than just a label…it’s an immersive experience.  The Art of Sound is a unique music+art fusion label founded by Bridge Arts Media LLC, designed to create and celebrate the inherent connection between music and visual art. Pairing original music with art expressly inspired by the music — or combining music with an inspiring works of original art — is an unexplored opportunity to showcase music+art as a single commission.  As music delivery technologies evolve, so does the need to innovate the experience of music beyond traditional borders.  In addition to creating works of listenable art, we at THE ART OF SOUND are dedicated to creating fresh-edged immersive experiences that engage the artists with their audiences far beyond just the album, CD or digital download, the concert hall, club or other traditional performance arenas.  We have recently partnered with Vortex Immersion Media to co-produce and co-host exciting original immersive content experiences in the VORTEX DOME, which is located at Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles.  This venue offers our artists the opportunity to explore and create for the 360 immersive cinema space.  This exciting new arts and media format is poised to evolve into the next generation of cinema experience and is also an innovative multi-media and arts performance space.  The cherished past converges with the irresistible future in THE ART OF SOUND…  Please visit the gallery to view the projects we have created, explore the artists or musicians pages who have worked with us, or contact us for more information if you are interested in learning more about this new, exciting immersive format visit THE ART OF SOUND.