Bridge Arts Media LLC approaches all projects and creative collaborations with the utmost respect for the underlying core idea, or work, which inspires the passion of the creator.   As a 360 transmedia company, we seek to find every way creatively possible for artists and creators to succeed in bringing their visions and passions into the marketplace in ways that best serve the work.  Our dedication to staying on top of the latest in the ever-evolving digital universe, and tracking both technological innovations and cultural trends, gives us a cutting-edge perspective on creating and guiding ideas and product into the existing and emerging entertainment and media marketplace landscape.

To accomplish this mission we have created a core group of experts that we collaborate with to offer a variety of professional consulting services:

  • Transmedia Development and Strategy Planning
  • Content Development Planning
  • Story Development
  • Writing Services
  • Screenplay Analysis and Coverage
  • Online Marketing including Website Development and Production
  • Social Marketing Strategies and Services
  • Production Consulting and Services
  • Event Facilitation and Live Performance Production
  • Workshops and Classes in a variety of entertainment and media modalities
  • Public Speaking and Conference Panel Coordination and Participation

Recent clients include:

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Through special arrangement, Kate offers professional and personal coaching sessions utilizing the “Life on the Drawing Board” System to activate individual creativity, life management skills, and more effective use of creative resources.  Contact Kate for information directly at

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“Many thanks to Ed Lantz and Kate McCallum for their enlightening participating in the recent LAWEBFEST.  The Transmedia Panel was greatly enhanced by your knowledge and visionary inspiration on how entertainment, education, expression and creativity can not only cross over to many mediums, but can provide a more thoughtful solution in communicating with others globally.”  

Kathie Fong Yoneda, Story Consultant and Board Member, LAWEBFEST

“Kate McCallum is a visionary whose grasp of both the overview and the details makes her a person who gets things done while inspiring others to keep the core goal in mind.

I’ve known Kate for over twenty years and have seen so many of her imaginative projections become current reality. Her experience in many different aspects of the media industries gives her a solid grasp of interconnectivity and how systems work best. She’s an expert at getting others involved and moving forward with innovative concepts.

Kate sees it coming, makes you believe in it, and brings people together to make it all happen. Kate has holographic vision – she sees how all the parts can fit together and where to make the best connections to bring about the best outcomes.”

Pamela Jaye Smith, Mythologist, author, international consultant-speaker and award-winning producer-director with over 30 years in the Hollywood media industry. Founder MYTHWORKS and co-founder Alpha Babe Academy.

Kate was just what the doctor ordered, the perfect writing consultant for my metaphysical TV script and series concept.  She is a rare breed ahead of her time, a great visionary, metaphysically savvy, multi-talented, and multi-dimensional!

I got so much more than I signed up for.  Kate holds a bigger vision of what’s possible for the unfoldment of humanity.  That translated into her visioning what was needed to make my project highly relevant and salable for today’s market, while keeping the integrity of its’ message.

Kate is clear, focused, practical, and thinks creatively on different levels at once.  Her intimate knowledge of how the industry works was invaluable. She is a great teacher and a true force.  How lucky for us that she chose the entertainment industry as her prime vehicle to bring in higher wisdom and truth.”

Karen Royce Wallen, Writer and Therapist